Project Management Service

How Important Is Project Management?

WST Homes is one of the few luxury home building companies that has an in-built project management service.

Project management requires people, equipment and money to be carefully coordinated. Incompetent organization can have disastrous and ultimately expensive consequences. This is why it’s imperative to work with a homebuilding company that provides effective project management, no matter how complex or simple the responsibilities.


By simplifying the communication barrier using virtual platforms, we can ensure an uninterrupted work environment in which our clients feel included.

Proper communication is the key to a successful project. WST Homes guarantees that every suggestion you make is taken into account, and every decision is made with your approval.

What Is Project Management?

Project management simply means the management of human, natural, and economic resources in a home building project. At WST Homes, we follow a mission-based project management service in which we work step-by-step to achieve your goals. From imagination and designing to planning, building and maintenance, WST will review various bids from sub-contractors and provide you with the best product for the most reasonable price. Most importantly, WST will oversee the process and be responsible throughout the entirety of the build.

What We Can Do

As a pioneer in project management services for construction in Vancouver, we can list some services where we aim our focus:

  • Estimation of costs
  • Budget formulation
  • Figuring out work schedules
  • Strategic and methodological planning
  • Communication among clients, service suppliers, and employees
  • Managing architects, engineers, sub-contractors and workers

Project Management Tools

As a home builder that has embraced the latest technological advancements and blended them with the experience of 18 years, WST Homes has services with which we manage projects from beginning to end.

Our project management capabilities include features that help us coordinate the planning and working process more efficiently:

  • Schedule charts
  • Task Sheets
  • Online file storage
  • Timelines
  • Emailing and video conferencing