New Construction

New Construction Projects

WST Homes is a homebuilding pioneer in Vancouver with over 18 years of experience building and selling houses. Whether it’s modern luxury homes, laneway houses or townhouses, we have the knowledge and expertise to ease your mind as we assist you with your build. WST Homes are professionals in which to invest your trust and vision.

Your Home – Your Vision


Your dream home should be what YOU want. Some construction companies push pre-designed models at their clients, minimizing their requests and preferences. WST Homes will use your ideas, designs and wishes to create a home where you will live, work and relax. 





Your house will last a lifetime, (a well-built house will!). WST Homes builds houses to last, where quality and longevity are infused. Using the best building material and highest standard of trades will produce a home with timeless designs and architectural elegance guaranteed.



New construction homes built by us will fit your budget. Finding the right construction company will save you money, energy and time. WST Homes will explain different pricing strategies; you pick the one that works best for you.



A brand new home built to meet your expectations will incorporate the latest designs, beautiful colour palettes, the finest mechanisms and luxurious spaces to suit your lifestyle. Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of you.

Build Your New Home Today


All you need for easy living is a home that radiates elegance and wraps you in comfort. Call WST today and explore a world of sophistication.




Advantages Of Buying A WST Home

Through 18 successful years, WST Homes has made clients proud by building them homes that would mesmerize family, friends and neighbours. Apart from the trustworthy excellence of WST, there are obvious advantages of hiring us to build your dream home.

  • We work on a timeline – Everything is easier when it is planned and built within a solid timeframe, which would make it smoother for you to plan your life ahead.
  • Careful attention to detail – As a leading home builder in Vancouver, WST Homes knows that every little detail matters.
  • Ability to listen – We understand that this is YOUR home and what YOU want always comes first.