About Us

“For the past 18 years, I immersed myself in a passion which became a calling. Prior to becoming a developer, my background was in the law. I was fortunate to realize I felt more satisfied and energized when designing and building a home and that’s why WST became a career.

Building a home is arguably one of the most important and expensive decisions that you’ll make. My role is to minimize the stress by overseeing every aspect of your build: from the initial concept in your head to providing you a set of keys on the day you move in.

I can assure you that no one pays as much attention to detail as I will. I’m discerning and critical because you should expect a flawless finished product and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Most of my sub-contractors have been working with me for years and they know my standards are high.

WST is known for the quality of its product and has acquired a reputation built on integrity and trust. Call us today and start creating your vision of your dream home. Working with WST is not just a professional relationship; it will also become a genuine friendship.”

Tabs Singh

(President and Founder of WST)

What We Do

WST Homes provides living spaces built on trust and reputation. A luxury home is not a home with expensive furniture or a swimming pool. It is a blend of art, style, comfort and quality.

The formula required for creating luxury differs from person to person, and place to place. WST Homes is a homebuilding company in Vancouver that aims to build your definition of luxury.

Excellent workmanship and guaranteed quality
Creative custom designs
Affordable prices
Skilled team of professionals and contractors
about wst

Why Choose Us?

WST Homes in Vancouver is the company for all your home building needs from designing to decorating. What stands out about our home building service is you will find a luxury home solution to fit your budget. We build customized, high-end luxury living spaces for our clients, and take pride in maintaining a strong, long-term trusted relationship.

WST Homes was established 18 years ago when luxury living was limited to a select clientele who had money to invest in luxurious homes. WST Homes has made luxury living available to a wider market with its high quality, customized, affordable homes.

I Expertise

WST specializes in blending functional creativity with your ideas. Our versatile housing options will make you the owner of a timeless classic with a guarantee of lasting elegance.

II Luxury

With WST Homes you are in charge of your project. Your ideas and preferences are valued over everything else. We are here to minimize the stress of building and to complete your project efficiently. The result will be a product of premium quality.

III Cost-Effective

WST Homes is an expert in providing you with the best advice on housing material and landscape design based on the location, size, shape and orientation of your land. We help you find the most cost effective-options, that’s our promise.

Pioneer in Vancouver Home building

WST Homes has helped change the tradition of luxury homes being owned by the wealthiest and has opened doors allowing their clients’ dreams to become realities. WST has a passion for creating beautiful homes to fit the needs and lifestyles of its clients.

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